Sell my Spice Girls merchandise

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Sell my Spice Girls merchandise

Postby Galvatron1974 » 12 Feb 2017, 15:03

Hello all,

My name is Richard, I am from the Netherlands.

I have collected so much Spice Girls merchandise in the biggest years, but now its taking a lot of space in my storage I have for hire, it costs me a lot every month, I have asked somebody what to do and I have the advice to put everything on Ebay, that's probably the best idea but in my current job I have no time to do this, its to much work now, does anybody have any idea, for me it would be best to sell all together, I have almost everything that was for sale and some cool items like the very large Pepsi bus shelter posters, all kind of magazines, dolls, posters, candy, deodorant, wallpaper, cd's, video's etc..etc...and all new and stored in boxes and never used.

Does anybody have a suggestion for me?

Thank you so much all, kind regards, Richard

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