Lgg Medley by Bond

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Lgg Medley by Bond

Postby breezyspice » 05 Dec 2011, 22:17

Who would've thunk I'd ever post in the Lady Gaga forum?! :shrug:

My Secret Santa this year sent me an album of one of my favorite groups. They are called Bond (http://www.bondquartet.com) and I am just listening to the album and I kept wondering what the last song was because the title is "Lgg Medley"... well it turns out its a Lady Gaga medley and even though I'm not a fan, I enjoyed it so I thought I'd pass it along incase any of you fans missed hearing about this little tribute? :hug:

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Re: Lgg Medley by Bond

Postby Jamie » 05 Dec 2011, 23:34

I like this!

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