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Re: Steps

Postby schizophonic_spice » 20 Mar 2017, 13:42

Maybe they should've kept The Ultimate Collection as a re release of Gold and the overall sales would've been joined together like what S Club 7 did with their Best album.
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Re: Steps

Postby bombie » 22 Mar 2017, 21:34

Question, Is "I Surrender" off of "Steptacular" Claire and Faye? on verses? I was always confused because when they did it on the Steptacular Tour only Claire performed it? just curious because on the studio version I am sure its Faye on 2nd verse?
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Re: Steps

Postby UnusualChris » Yesterday, 00:10

You're correct, both Claire and Faye sing lead on the album version but Claire performed it as her solo on the Steptacular tour. This was the case with a lot of the solos they performed on tour.

Lisa performed Just Like The First Time and Bittersweet solo but the studio versions both feature lead vocals from all 3 girls.

Claire performed Hand On Your Heart solo on the Gold Tour but the album version features backing vocals from Faye and H.

H performed Learn To Love Again solo on the first Christmas tour but the album version features the girls on the chorus (most noticeably Claire).

Lee performed Turn Around solo on the first Christmas tour but the album version also has Faye on lead.

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