Someone to verify?

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Someone to verify?

Postby holmer100 » 05 Jan 2014, 04:09

Hello mods

Thanks for putting my posts up.

As you might have seen, I have a "Spice" demo tape for sale on ebay at the moment. It is clearly very rare and I have had lots of messages asking whether I can verify its authenticity. However, I don't want to put up a public link to the recordings, or just send mp3s out as I don't want to infringe copyright, or have the tracks misused in some way (uploaded, shared, copied etc).

I thought it would be a good idea to ask one, responsible, Spice Girls expert to have a listen, who could then verify these recordings to those interested on the forum? It is very clear when hearing them that they are genuine Spice Girls demos.

I guess you might know someone who is trustworthy and well known to the Spice Girls community who might care to help? One of the mods maybe? (:

Here's the link to the ebay auction in case you hadn't seen it: ... 1013442982

Thanks a lot.


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