Question about Song For Her... (Melanie C)

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Re: Question about Song For Her... (Melanie C)

Postby FarAway » 10 May 2017, 21:24

spicefreak wrote:I have to say I agree about them being unable to recapture their magic in the songs. Headlines is a lovely track but it is an album track at best. Was perfect for an additional track to the GH but no way on earth comeback single material :confused:

I don't get how they can have written / released so many great songs, as a group and on their own, then come up with Voodoo and Song for her as potential (or actual) new material :confused:

I think it's the amount of time they are togheter and the will to make it that makes the diference. Headlines and Voodoo, we saw pics of only Emma and Geri at the studio, but not the others, and from interviews we know they wanted the tour, not so much the songs, so it was more like "we have to make these asap to put on the GH".

I think if they were to spend a whole week togheter, and then, after the week, go to the studio togheter again, they would recapture it. I mean, the Olympics performace was very good, but it was not made it in a hush, they spent 8 days reharsing it, so they had time to get back to the Spice Girls mood.

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