Vogue UK - October 2016

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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby Sah » 14 Sep 2016, 12:05

jezebelvictoria wrote:Ugh, I really want the cover image without the text. I swear it comes out all the time except the time I really want the picture. :despise:

Be patient, it will be released soon, i think because Bailey shot this it will take a while, he is precious with his work. :hunny:
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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby simby » 14 Sep 2016, 12:14

interesting read, but don't understand some parts, for example when she writes about friendship never ends...can someone explain what she means?
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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby jas » 14 Sep 2016, 14:39

What a great read! Very honest, the boobs part caught me off guard. So weird her and Mel C both did this whole "letter to yourself" thing in the space of a few weeks.
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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby kittie » 14 Sep 2016, 18:01

What a beautiful letter! Thanks for posting the scans.
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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby nona » 14 Sep 2016, 19:10

I got very emotional reading that letter (and I'm really not a crybaby). The way she talks about many difficult subjects is really impressive, she came a long way.
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Re: Vogue UK - October 2016

Postby Andre » 14 Sep 2016, 19:32

Wow.... I just read it too.... lovely piece! Reading it and being a fan for years i could remember some of the moments she referring to....

Laugh at the boob part.....lol
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