Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

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Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

Postby MelSpice » 06 Jan 2009, 09:51

Hey Emma fans

I was just wondering if anyone could please post a grab of Emma from the movie? I've been unable to find any online and I'm working on the filmography section of her page & I just need that pic to complete it.

If you can, please please, please help!

Thanks in advance

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Re: Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

Postby TheBiatches » 06 Jan 2009, 17:42

This is confusing, but i don't think she was ever in the movie. Some fans have watched it and she wasn't in it.
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Re: Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

Postby LiverpoolSpice » 06 Jan 2009, 20:12

I haven't watched it, but I don't think she was in it. I have seen the trailer and I swear she wasn't on that.
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Re: Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

Postby tiagohm » 06 Feb 2017, 23:43

she was or not in this movie?
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Re: Emma in Chocolate : Deep Dark Secrets?

Postby EricRiotT » 18 Feb 2017, 05:46

You can see the whole film here:


I haven't watched all of it but she's not listed in the credits, so I think her bit was cut. I'm assuming this was the movie she filmed a party dance sequence for in the "Spice Trade: Emma Goes To Bollywood" documentary? So her bit was filmed and intended for inclusion but it must have ended up on the cutting room floor, which would explain why IMDb mistakenly lists her as "Anna" in the film.

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