OT: (Pointless) Article on Jimmy Gulzar's single from 2001

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Re: OT: (Pointless) Article on Jimmy Gulzar's single from 2001

Postby rusty_nail » 01 Apr 2017, 06:55

James wrote:What could possibly be more pointless than bumping this pointless thread after 5 years? ;)

I found this on YouTube and having never seen it, thought I'd share:

Oh wow. I've heard/seen little snippets of this over the years, but this is the first time I've caught the full video. Thanks for sharing, James.

A few thoughts...

- The song actually sounds pretty good for the first eleven seconds...until Jimmy chimes in. He's practically unintelligible in this.
- You'd think he'd dance a bit and attempt to play to his strengths. His interpretation of rapping certainly isn't one of them.
- Are the girls writhing around in their underwear not a little odd considering the song's about being a good dad to his kid?
- It's actually not a bad video considering the song was never officially released...and (I don't believe?) he was never signed to a record label. Pay for this and the studio time with the rest of his divorce settlement?
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Re: OT: (Pointless) Article on Jimmy Gulzar's single from 2001

Postby dtracy_sg » 02 Apr 2017, 15:09


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