European Leg to get tickets?

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European Leg to get tickets?

Postby Sportyraven » 08 Nov 2004, 03:25

Hi, I hope no one comes in with a "misleading topic" I have clearly asked "how to get tickets?".

I am wondering, I don't live in Europen yet, but I am moving to Milan in Jan. I want to watch Kylie's tour and a friend of mine is to come visit me and go to the concert aswell. I am not sure if she is going to play Italy or not, but I know she is playing in France and Germany, for example.

My question is, does anyone know, or can anyone make available the number of the venues for those of us who would like to watch Kylie in Continental Europe but do not live there? We'd greatly appreciate the help.

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Postby ivi » 08 Nov 2004, 09:06

hey...go on, there is a special showgirl-tour section and there youll find a link for all ticket-shops but you gotta hurry up ;)

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